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Why use Online Conveyancing Centre ®

Conveyancing that just Works

Looking for a Conveyaning Lawyer can be a confusing descision, with other Law Firms using complex language and partial quotes to get your business. Its for this very reason we developed Online Conveyancing Centre, a Conveyancing Law Firm that talk plain english and discloses all of your conveyancing costs in their quoting.

We offer individualised service at a great price, don't believe it? check out our testimonials to find out what our clients think.


Document Delivery

If convenient for you, we will post all of our correspondence on our secure website for your eyes only through our OnLine Portal.



We are conscious of the need for cost effectiveness. Our Conveyancing fees are extremely competitive and they are backed by our extensive professional expertise.



This firm operates on a "today" principal. If instructions are received, our client will receive immediate advice or an immediate step will be taken to protect our client’s position. If something can be done today, it will be.



By logging in to our OnLine Portal you can view and track the progress of your matter from beginning to end. Our bespoke systems software ensures that all data feeds are instantaneously uploaded to our secure portal.


Point of Contact

We believe that all clients must have a responsible contact to deal with. All clients of our firm are assigned a responsible practitioner and a paralegal to whom a client can refer any matter.



We are nationally admitted to practise in all States and Territories of Australia. Geographical distance is no barrier, we are a virtual office in every State.
Online Conveyancing Centre is backed by Astill Legal Group, an established law firm for over 40 years. Our Lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge to ensure your transaction is processed without a hitch. Should the unthinkable occur we will be there to protect you interest in accordance with the Law.
Conveyancing Quotes
Our Price Smasher quotes are designed to get you the best possible price whilst mainting a quality level of service. If you find a comparable quote you want us to be, put us to the Price Smasher challenge.


Real People, Real Lawyers, Real Results

No matter where you are in Australia, we've got you covered.