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About Online Conveyancing Centre ®

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The OnLine Conveyancing Centre trade mark is exclusively licensed to Astill Legal Group Pty Ltd ABN 71 552 724 326 which is an incorporated legal practice (ILP).

Our firm has been established in Queensland for over 40 years and now expanding into NSW and VIC. We act for a healthy and diverse client base ranging from individuals and small business, to public companies (both listed and unlisted) to statutory authorities. Our firm’s long standing history is a testament to the services we provide to our clientele.

Whilst we practice as lawyers in nearly all facets of law, for over twenty (24) years we have chosen to boutique our firm so that our primary areas of practice are:

  • Property Law and Conveyancing;
  • Wills and Estate Law;
  • Family and Relationships Law;
  • Banking and Securities Law.

Our Conveyancing Systems

Our Conveyancing software is handled by our bespoke software "Conveyancing Portal". Conveyancing Portal was created to help connect clients to information regarding their property 24/7 online and on a real-time basis. The main goal of Conveyancing Portal is to break down geographical barriers so that no matter where you are in the world, we can keep you connected.

Conveyancing Portal is a custom built program it is continually growing and adapting to what our clients want and expect from our unique conveyancing experience. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in our software please do not hesitate to email and let us know your thoughts.


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