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Talk to your Broker

Consult with a Broker regarding your capacity to borrow so that you have a realistic idea on what you can spend, and the costs involved. It will be prudent to complete your initial financial application information with your Broker at this point too.

Lawyer Up for Conveyancing

It is wise to chat with your Conveyancing Law Firm prior to signing any deals, this way should an issue arise in negotiations or when reviewing your Contract, you have a point of contact on hand.

Find the Property

Begin your search for the ideal property that suits your budget and needs. Once you have chosen your house you will then need begin Contract negotiations with the Real Estate Agent.

Secure the Deal

It’s time to sign on the dotted line once you are satisfied with the terms and conditions laid out to you in the Contract. Remember, if you are unsure of something please contact your Conveyancer.

Spread the Word

Once you have secured the deal it is important that you advise your both your Conveyancing Solicitor and Mortgage Broker about it, provide copies of the contract via email where possible.

Government Grants & Concessions

If you believe you are able to claim a Stamp Duty concession or a grant on the purchase, contact your Conveyancer to talk about eligibility.

Visit the First Home Owner Grant Site Visit the Concessions Site

Build Contact Review (if required)

You may wish to seek a second opinion from another Builder in terms of materials etc. If you would like advice on the terms and conditions (not materials) of the Build Contract please consult your legal team. Please note that a Build Contract is seperate to a Land Purchase Transaction.

Soil Test & Inspection

Call your local Soil Test Professional to book them in for an inspection as soon as possible. Note: The Inspector will need to communicate with the Agent regarding a time for inspection, in which you can also attend.

Complete the Conveyancing Documents

Your Conveyancing Team will send you an initial document pack including a comprehensive questionnaire, read the information, complete the docs and send it back at your earliest.

ID Confirmation

You will need to perform a formal ID check for your loan application and the Conveyancing process.

Obtain Formal Finance Approval

Your Broker will be in touch once the Lender has given you the formal go ahead on your loan.

Read and Sign your Loan Docs

Your Lenders legal team will send you your Finance Contract which will need to be reviewed, signed and returned where specified.

Review your Property Searches

Check with your Conveyancer that you have received all the searches performed on your property, read over them and consult your Conveyancer if you have any questions.

Final Property Inspection

As a buyer you have the right to a final inspection of the property before settlement. If required arrange a time with the Agent to pop over and ensure the property is in the same condition as when sold to you.

Organise Utilities (if required)

As you move closer towards home ownership be sure to contact and arrange your utilities and services for when you move in.

Change of Ownership Notifications

Your Conveyancer will advise local council, water company, strata (if applicable) and Land Tax department of the change in ownership of the property.

Crunch the Numbers

Your Conveyancer will prepare a Settlement Statement for your approval that outlines the amount of funds required to complete the transaction on the day of Settlement. If you are providing your own financial contribution you will need to discuss this with them at your earliest so you can get directions on where the money needs to go.

Settle the Deal

This is when your Lender and Conveyancer attend to settlement of your property transaction along with the Sellers representatives. The money for the property, stamp duty and other fees and charges will be transferred, and titles and mortgage documentation lodged and registered with the Government.

The Land is your, time to celebrate

Your Conveyancing Team will contact you once settlement has officially been completed, crack the bubbles, the property is finally yours! Of course should you have any questions regarding the finality of your transaction, feel free to contact your COnveyancing Team.


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